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DIY Brick Floors Over Tile

How To Install Brick Floors Over Tile

I finally had a chance to sit down and write the tutorial for my DIY Brick floors installed over tile. After a lot of research, most everything I found wanted a thin set application applied over the tile to level it before installing the bricks. I needed an easier and faster way!!!!! If you do decide to go with a thin set application, check out this tutorial from Jessica at Cedarlanefarmhouse.

Laying Brick Floors over Tile
DIY Brick Floor

Picking Out The Brick For Interior Floors

I knew it had to be thin brick veneer and I wanted a grayish/taupe color that went with the rest of my tile flooring. Because I had previously put in a DIY brick backsplash in my kitchen, I knew the brand I wanted to use. Amazon sells them by the box and it is called Colonial Collection. They ship them straight to your door and I had no broken bricks when mine arrived! Make sure you order extra to allow for error. h

Brick Floors Over Tile
Colonial Collection Brick Veneer Color: Rushmore

How To Lay Brick Floors Over Tile

It took a little trial and error…a few broken bricks, but I finally found a product (Loctite Power Grab Ultimate) that would adhere the brick to the tile without slipping or breaking where the floor was uneven. This product will even adhere to something that is wet. However, I strongly urge you to be sure your tile floor is extremely clean and dry before laying the brick. The adhesive has to be spread evenly on each brick. I used a trowel and spread it like butter.  You have about 5 minutes to adjust to the exact position you want.  But make sure you buy the ultimate as there are several different Loctite Power Grab products.                           

Loctite Power Grab Ultimate

Cutting Brick Veneer For Floors

I used a small inexpensive tile cutter I bought on Amazon and it worked great. You simply score the brick and press and wahla, your brick is perfect. Because I had to go around a toilet and I had a pocket door that I did not want to cut the bottom of, I started my placement at that door. I knew the brick had to be perfect by the door and behind the toilet not so much as you can’t really see it. 

How To Grout Brick Veneer Floors Over Tile

I wanted the look of old brick. In order to achieve that look I knew I would smear my grout lightly in different places. You can always wash it off if you get too much in one spot. I used Simple Grout premixed hbecause I knew I wanted one less job…not mixing grout! I tried several colors before deciding on Alabaster. It’s not white but it’s not too creamy either. I used a grout bag and filled in between bricks and then used a paint brush to smooth and form while still soft. It is very important to make sure all of your bricks are firmly adhered to the tile before grouting.

Grouting Brick Floors Over Tile
Simple Grout Pre-Mixed Color: Alabaster

Sealing Your DIY Brick Floors

Once my grout had completely hardened about 24 to 48 hours, it was time to seal and protect. My bathroom is a high traffic bathroom as it also serves as the guest bath. Therefore I needed lots of protection. I did not want a shine so I went for a sealer with Matte finish, or semi-gloss. I applied it with a paint brush and followed the directions on the back of the product. I applied 3-4 coats heavily.

Sealing Brick Floors Over Tile

I found this product at a local hardware store

DIY Brick Floors Over Tile

I am in love with my new brick floors!

32 thoughts on “DIY Brick Floors Over Tile”

  1. How difficult is using a grout bag? How much grout do you put in the bag, to be able to handle it without tiring? Ive never used one.

    1. It is tiring and I keep my grout bag very full and tight. It is similar to frosting a cake. However, you can use gloves and just do it by hand and then use a paint brush handle to pat in and smooth. I also take a little water and spread the grout lightly over all the bricks to achieve the whitewash, old brick look.

  2. I have large square tile that I want to cover. I had thought about a tile that looks like brick because it is a beach condo and we rent it. Would this work in the entire condo. I am wanting to pull up the carpet that is in the bedroom.

    1. Hey Carolyn, You can do this anywhere! It is a great look and very durable for a beach condo that is rented! Easy to clean as long as you put the concrete sealer on and I would reapply it probably every two years.

    1. Hi Pat, I am not sure about over vinyl. As long as you used the loctite for adhesion, I think it would work.

    1. Hi Sharon, I have never tried it outside. I do know the loctite adhesion I used is for inside and out. I would think it would be fine outside as well.

  3. Hey there, I have a few questions.

    1- Are the bricks smooth on top? Easy to walk on?
    2- What did you use to space the tiles?
    3- Have you ever dropped anything on it? Does it shatter the tile or chip it? (if that makes any sense lol)

    Thank you in advance!

    1. The bricks are not smooth as they are real unfinished bricks. I did not use spacers but you can, just as you would for tile. I have not dropped anything but it is our high traffic bathroom and it has held up great. I used a concrete sealer and the grout has remained the same color without any problems. Good luck and let me know if you have any further questions. Carla

  4. Hi Carla. I love the way your floors look. I am considering doing this in my entryway and as a backsplash in my kitchen. Can you please share what you use to clean it/care for it? Thank you.

    1. I just wipe it down with a damp cloth on the backsplash and for the floors I use a regular damp mop. I have sprayed clorox clean up on it and it does fine.

  5. Since it was laid over tile how did you transition it into the other flooring? I would like to do this in my kitchen bc I hate the tile in there but I worry how I would transition it to my hardwood that meets the tile

  6. I love the way this turned out for you! I am wanting to do this in my small kitchen – we live in a very old 1800’s house and my kitchen floors have uneven spots that rise and fall – which makes the project even MORE fun! 😉 Do think this brick would lay well? I currently have ceramic tile and will prob pull it up first. Plywood is under.

    1. HI Corey, sorry it has taken me so long to reply…just make sure if you remove the tile to use the proper underlayment. I think you are right to remove it if it is very uneven. Mine is on a slab and did not have a lot of uneven spots.

  7. This would be easier than jackhammering the old tile out, but I would worry it would be higher than the adjoining floor. How did you go about that.

  8. I love this idea. You did this over tile. But, do you suggest – over hardwoods? I have hardwoods that need refinished and dread the process. I would LOVE this instead. What are your thoughts? Thank you!

    1. Hi there, thank you! I am not sure about going over hardwood but think it would be no different than if you put tile on top. I did a lot of research finding a product to adhere the brick to the tile without using a thin set. Let me know how it turns out if you try it!

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