Becoming a DIY designer at age 55!

Who Knew at age 55 you could recreate yourself and your home!

It certainly was not my intention to start a new career as a DIY designer at 55, but since turning my newfound hobby into a part-time business, I am not only having a blast but starting to make a little money. I’ve always had an eye for beautiful things when it comes to the home. My husband says that’s just another way of saying I have expensive taste! I can’t really argue with him there. But as we started moving closer to retirement years, I realized we needed to be saving more or making more or better yet, both.

It’s amazing how a need led me to a newfound hobby and career as a DIY designer…

As we began to assess our situation, we decided to relocate and downsize to our small vacation home in Miramar Beach, FL, full time.  I was not crazy about the idea at first but now I can’t imagine living anywhere else. The condo was small and needed some updating which I had started during the previous years when it was our second home.  After a quick year in the condo with two large dogs and three storage rooms, we started to rethink we needed more space.  We put the condo up for sale and it sold within the first week to the first lookers.  This was the beginning of finding my passion as a designer. 

My first project as a DIY designer…a small coastal kitchen

Finding a new place to land was not so easy nor affordable if we were to stay on track for retirement.

After bouncing around in a couple of rentals we ended right back in the same neighborhood as before.  Only this time, the condo needed some cosmetic updating that involved a few more skills than I possessed at the time. When your husband travels for a living, you can take a few more liberties trying out new skills while he is away! I now own just about every power tool you can think of and my favorite is my table saw.

Who knows what’s next…

As my talents continue to develop and my carpentry skills get stronger, who knows what lies ahead!  I hope you will follow this adventure with me.  I hope to share my new found knowledge as a DIY with past projects and new ones to come.  Blessings, Carla

9 thoughts on “Becoming a DIY designer at age 55!”

  1. This is only the beginning. Intro was as charming as the talent you have. May God bless many as you use your gift to make houses into warm coastal living experiences.

  2. Carla everything looks great! Also I love both pieces of furniture you painted for me. They look amazing!!

  3. I have seen you completely transform many pieces of furniture and entire rooms too!! I love everything you do!! Can’t wait to see what is next!!

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